When change occurs in your heart, reaction changes, life changes, destiny changes.

The KatapatanKard Seminar was started by small business men and women who desire a better future for the Filipinos and understand that this can be materialized by connecting to other businesses and individuals. We understand that inner change through goodness empowerment can and will eventually change the political, business and cultural spheres.

We are aware that this may seem impossible but we believe that together we can accomplish anything. We offer a proven formula for inner change and we will cite concrete examples where this formula was formed. We desire to impart ways for Filipinos to become pro-active instead of being reactive to situations (catastrophes) especially when it concerns the environment and future of our country.

We offer a renewed outlook for the betterment of all including the environment- more responsible citizenry that will make decisions because of love of Family, Country and God.

  • The KatapatanKard Seminar is free of charge as this is Bayanihan Spirit in action.
  • The KatapatanKard Seminar connects to the spirituality of the Filipino, our greatest asset.
  • The KatapatanKard Seminar is a three-hour journey to self-discovery and transformation that may lead to inner change. This is a journey to bring about the Filipino core value of brotherhood, the Bayanihan Spirit.
Participants are given the opportunity to assess their values, attitudes and behaviors. They will be given new tools and revisit Filipino core values.

Our goal is a shift in reaction and discernment from the self to others, from others to the whole country and environment then to the whole world. This is the spirit of CONNECTIVITY, the Bayanihan Spirit.

The KatapatanKard, gives a more creative – doable way to react to everyday decisions especially to painful and difficult situations that may be life changing.

We have done this seminar in Union Bank (4 branches), China Bank (1 branch), Seminar with Professors in University of the Philippines, Shogun, Aquarius Inc., Rizal Poultry and Livestock, Miss Earth Philippines and many more corporation– We have shared the katapatankard with an Orphanage for the sexually and physically abused children (Ephesus), Pampanga Prison, a drug Rehab Center, Bulacan (Damascus) and so too in some Barangays.

We conduct seminars in KatapatanKard Enhancement Groups to monitor, mentor and sustain the inner change. We share the changes in the lives of the participants and become as one in building of a renewed and transformed Philippines.

It is our hope that you will be part of the KatapatanKard Family that envisions a Philippines deserving of our children. The key is to go back to our roots, as it is engrained in all of us, the Bayanihan Spirit which connects to Filipino spirituality.

These are some of the tools that will make our nation the LIGHT OF THE WORLD, as we believe is our destiny! Thank you for giving us the opportunity in sharing the kkard(Katapatan Kard) with you and your staff.

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